Meet Our Team

Dr. Jared Salinsky (Trinity, FL) is an orthopedic surgeon and professional race car driver who will return for a partial season with the new FASTMD team. He and Dr. Siddiqi have been friends for many years and only recently discovered they both share a love and passion for racing. Dr. Jay introduced Dr. Siddiqi to IMSA racing and together they formed what could be the strongest team in the TCR paddock. Being part of what he believes to be an all-star team, Dr. Siddiqi is looking forward to both a successful season and the first Michelin Pilot Challenge TCR championship.

“It is an honor to represent FastMD in the first season of the Michelin Pilot Challenge Championship driving an incredible Audi RS3 TCR,” said Dr. Salinsky. “FASTMD does amazing things both in the operating room and now in professional racing. It’s a privilege to be part of a team with two incredible drivers like Nick Galante and James Vance. I definitely think we will be a seriously competitive team and will win our share of races this year.”

James Vance (Toronto, Ontario, CA) brings several years of IMSA racing experience to the wheel of the Audi RS3 TCR, and echoes the excitement of Drs. Siddiqi and Salinsky. “I couldn’t be more proud with what this group of amazing individuals has put together to get us on track for the 2019 season. Nick and I got a call from Jay asking what we were up to for the season and the timing just worked out. We have some amazing companies involved with us this season. My long-time partner ExpoSystems along with FEL, Nick bringing Legistics and the Racing to End Alzheimer’s charity and welcoming the FastMD guys to the racing game, we can’t wait to bring home some hardware this season! A big shout out to Chris Vallee and the Speed Syndicate guys and gals, they have been involved in IMSA competition and succeeded at it convincingly so I can’t wait to get to work with them and their outfit. We have epic partners, a wicked driver line up paired with a team that can get the job done this season. Let’s get it!”

Nick Galante (Monterey, CA) rounds out the trio, adding his own championship experience and support to the team. “This season is looking to be a season of things coming full circle. When I first got into motorsports, I dreamed of racing within the Audi brand. It was my first alliance. So, this has been a long time coming, something I am looking forward to. Being paired up with James Vance ‘The Toronto Terror’ was an opportunity I jumped at. When I first got my foot in the door of IMSA racing years ago, I was paired with James a couple of times back in 2011 and 2012 with the great team Racers Edge. To be back together with him and in an Audi, it’s looking to be a team to watch this season. I am excited to be a part of this new IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge season and see where we stack up against this fast growing TCR field. Not only, are we looking to run up front in this series, we are eager to keep the noble campaign of the Racing to End Alzheimer’s charity going strong. broke records for their successful charity campaign in the past two years, raising awareness for the disease that is affecting more and more families each year. We are excited again to be partners with the great cause.”

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